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Congratulations to the ’18s!

Congrats to the Class of 2018 on their graduation! Here’s where the class is headed next:

Alex Beals: Working at Facebook in San Francisco

Andrew Crutchfield: Continuing research in Hanover

Andrew Ogren: Working in software development in New York

Andrew Wolff: Working at McKinsey in Dubai

Carter Noordsij: Completing the M.E.M program at the Thayer School

Chaoran Cheng

Chase Migas

David Tramonte: Consulting in Chicago

Erik Loscalzo

Erik Weis

Ethan Isaacson: Consulting at EY-Parthenon in Boston

Grant Khosla

Itai Taubenfeld: Consulting in Manhattan

Ivan Carrier

Jeff Kim

Jimmy Fair: Working at McKinsey in Luanda, Angola

Jonah Kelly: Working at Bain & Company in New York

Josh Ufland: Working at Bain Capital Credit in Boston

Kyu Kim: Working at Applied Predictive Technologies in San Francisco

Liam Fortin

Manmeet Gujral: Working at Bain & Company in San Francisco

Mike Ohene: Completing a Masters Degree in Biology at Columbia in New York

Noah Goldstien: Consulting in New York City

Peter Blum

Riley Collins: Attending Columbia Law School

Sam Colello

Scott Bohn: Working at Fisher Investments in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Will Tremml: Working at Applied Predictive Technologies in Washington D.C.

Zach Plante: Conducting earth science research in the Bay Area before grad school

Zach Schnell: Working at Applied Predictive Technologies in Washington D.C.

House Improvements

It has been a productive term so far regarding improvements to the physical plant!

A few weeks ago, Carter Noordsij ’18 and Erik Loscalzo ’18 hooked up the old barn lights in the front room. The lights not only look great, but also integrate a piece of house history into a central area that brothers and guests alike can enjoy.

Barn lights

Following that, a group of brothers led by 16X House Man Alex Beals ’18 hooked up and wired the projector that was sitting in the front room, and bought a projector screen to accompany it. The display cables are all wired into the Ryerson, which allows brothers to play video on the projector and use the sound system in the front room for audio. Monday movie nights have quickly become a staple of brotherhood programming, and it will no doubt come in handy once football season arrives in the fall.

Real real projector

Congratulations to the ’16s!

Today, Alpha Chi Alpha congratulates and wishes well to our 24 graduating seniors. We would also like to extend special congratulations to Chris Leech and Bob Klingenberger, who were recognized as two of the valedictorians for the Class of 2016. We can’t wait to see all of you at homecoming!



New Advisors

Alpha Chi is proud to announce our new faculty and alumni advisors.

Alumni Advisor: Mac Gardner ’83
Faculty Advisor: Trip Davis ’90, Executive Director of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer in the Provost Division
Faculty Advisor: Gail Gentes ’77a, Assistant Director, Dartmouth for Life, Office of Alumni Relations


Two AXA ’16s Inducted as Members of Phi Beta Kappa

Robert Klingenberger is second from the left in the back row. Christopher Leech is farthest to right in the middle row.
Robert Klingenberger is second from the left in the back row. Christopher Leech is farthest to the right in the middle row.

Dartmouth’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society, inducted 22 new members, including brothers Robert Klingenberger ’16 and Christopher Leech ’16.

To be eligible for election to Dartmouth’s chapter students must have completed eight terms within three years of matriculation and hold one of the top 20 cumulative grade point averages in their class.

Congratulations to both of them!

Sausage Fest

On Sunday, February 15th, Alpha Chi hosted its 3rd annual Sausage Fest. We bought a root beer keg, grilled 150 sausages, and invited over Dartmouth’s all-male a cappella groups to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The Aires, the Cords, and the Brovertones put on a great show for a packed front room. Thanks to everybody’s willingness to donate, we ended up raising about $500 from both cosponsorships and DASH donations.
The Dartmouth Aires perform during Sausage Fest a tAXA
The Dartmouth Aires perform during Sausage Fest at AXA

The Bar is Built

The brotherhood added a new bar to the basement this term! This was a project that the 14s had begun to think about over their sophomore summer but never fully tackled. The idea was first brainstormed by Patton Lowenstein ’14 over Summer 2012 and then revitalized by Andrew Roberts ’14 this year. John Conley ’15, our new houseman as of this term, spearheaded the project.

Materials were purchased over the second weekend of the term with construction starting the following Thursday. Continue reading The Bar is Built

A Great Pigstick

This past weekend, the Brothers hosted the 26th annual Pigstick. This event is easily the highlight of most brothers’ spring terms, and for many, the whole year! Ray Crosby and his family served up great barbecue and Hypercane played a great set. Food was demolished and so was beer. A slight rain delay in the middle did not hamper the party at all. The loss of the backyard for the construction of KD led to a more intimate feel and the yard was packed. A great day was had by all.