The Barn

For much of the twentieth century, the primary social space for Alpha Chi was the Emery Barn, generally known more simply as “the Barn.” The Barn was a physical structure adjoined to the house, by “the Slide,” a concrete hallway, which travelled from the northwest corner of the property towards the west side of the house. The Slide then connected down to the old basement. The Barn was a unique and widely beloved social space on Dartmouth’s campus, with a ground level that was used for parties, games such as ‘dice,’ and general hanging-out between brothers and other students. The second level of the Barn was home to three brothers every year, which was a very distinctive bonding experience for those brothers. Unfortunately, the College condemned and razed the Barn in 2004, during the massive renovations. The College, in turn, refurbished and expanded the basement and front room, which have since replaced the Barn as the brotherhood’s primary social spaces. Today, the Barn is still honored and commemorated by the brothers of Alpha Chi, who take part in many traditions revolving around the Barn. The brotherhood has even created t-shirts and sweatshirts with the word “Barn” printed upon them in honor of an essential piece of house history.

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  1. Hey. I’m enjoying the website. I was an AXA officer during the 3rd floor renovation and spent my summer term housed in “the Barn.” You might be curious to discover that on sink night, we used to soak the concrete hallway between the Barn and the old basement stairs with beer and soap and “slide for life” headfirst down the stairs. I’m still amazed that no one broke their neck. You might also be surpised that our “colors” were purple and orange during the better part of the ’70s and ’80s.

    See you at our next Reunion. Wazoo ’79

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