Recent Projects

Here are some recent projects that have taken place at the house:

In Summer 2016, the brotherhood added a projector setup to the front room, restored and hung up the old barn lights, and hooked up backyard outdoor speakers.

In Winter 2016, the brotherhood added LED lights to the basement.

In Spring 2015, the house replaced the benches in the basement.

In Fall 2014, the house added a permaculture garden to the front yard, which includes plum trees, blueberries, grapes, and hops.

In Spring 2014, the brotherhood built a new bar. The College also painted the front room a single shade of red. The house hired a contractor to construct a new brick grill in the backyard.

In Winter 2014, the College re-surfaced the wood floor in the front room.

In Fall 2013, the College re-plastered the basement ceiling to fix many holes made by pong paddles and tall brothers. The construction of KD reduced the size of our backyard to half of its size, the volleyball court was moved from the northwest corner of the backyard to the southeast side, the grill was removed, and the parking lot was expanded and extended to wrap around the backyard. A deck was ripped out and replaced with an elevated deck by the back door.