A New Pong Table

This term, Don Casler ’14 and Paul Hogan ’14 have spent a large chunk of their free time painting a new pong table for the house to use. The “A-side” of the table is a play off the seal of the United States. It’s got a siren on its head and holding a keystone in one claw and a pong paddle in the other.

The “B-side” of the table is modeled off the green “Team Chafe” table in the basement. As the photo shows, it is purple and orange and says “Bust Patrol.” The corners feature those distinct four X’s, which they included knowing that plenty of alums will be coming back in the next couple of weeks for graduation and reunions and will be looking to play some slam.

This table will replace a very old white one that looks like it has been in the basement for years. No current brothers have any back story on the white one so if you have information on it, let us know!