Alumni Board

December 8, 2023

AXA Brothers,

Current Board Members and roles

Brian Bachelder '76 - Secretary
Derek Chow '84 - Vice President
Enrique Colbert '96 - President
Peter Gibson '86
Michael Gordon '96 - Treasurer
Jeremy Presser '04
Kevin Sankey '86 - Development Chair
Nolan Sankey '21 - House Liaison

Board Overview

Dartmouth has mandated the creation of Alumni Boards for all Greek organizations.  The Alpha Chi Alpha Alumni Association was incorporated in 2016 and the Board was established at our annual meeting during homecoming on October 29, 2016.  The purpose of the Board is: 1. To advise the current brotherhood on pertinent matters (including finances, alumni relations, general operations, and long term planning); 2. Provide 100% of the funding for scholarships for those brothers with demonstrated need, removing this from the house’s operating budget.  As part of this effort, the newly formed Board has taken on the responsibility of handling all fundraising for AXA. 3. To enhance the alumni network through free planned events at reunions and homecoming and to maintain a comprehensive Alumni Directory located at  for connecting with old friends, networking, and job searches. 4. To raise and administer funds for the support of scholarships and alumni activities.  Our Alumni Advisor is Mac Gardner ’83 and our two Faculty Advisors are Trip Davis ’90 (Executive Director of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer) and Gail Gentes (Director of action-based learning programs and wife of President Hanlon).

Request for Volunteers

As a volunteer board, we are constantly looking for assistance in adding new board members as well as committee members (specifically Alumni Relations, Finance, and Fundraising). The alumni relations committee is actively looking for brothers from the 80s and 90s to bridge the gap between the younger and older members of our team. We also hope to add a couple of fresh faces to the Alumni Board in advance of this year’s annual Homecoming meeting.  If you or anyone you know are interested, please reach out to us.

Request for Financial Support

The Alumni Association’s conservative budget, with expenses of about $10,000, includes funding scholarships (88% of the budget), providing events for alums (0% in 2020 due to Covid), and operating costs (12%). Every member of the Board and our two Advisor brothers have made pledges to this year’s operating budget.  Your donation directly supports the current brothers in need as well as the Alumni events we can all enjoy.  Any surplus in donations will be used to grow our endowment fund (currently about $100,000). This endowment will be used to partially fund annual expenses and will be grown over time to provide a financial safety net for the Association. Please visit to make a donation.

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact Enrique Colbert at

Fidelis et Suavis

The Board of the Alpha Chi Alpha Alumni Association

Board Documents