House History

Alpha Chi Alpha (AXA) is a fraternity at Dartmouth College. The fraternity’s house, which is college-owned and recently renovated, is located at 13 Webster Avenue directly across from the President’s House.

House History
1917: Local fraternity Epsilon Kappa Alpha founded at Dartmouth College.
1919: Epsilon Kappa Alpha is converted into the Phi Nu chapter of the national fraternity, Alpha Chi Rho.
1935: The Great Depression hurts membership. The house merges with Phi Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Alpha Sigma Phi to become the local fraternity, Gamma Delta Chi
1957: Phi Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho reformed by splitting from Gamma Delta Chi. The physical plant at 13 Webster Avenue is occupied by the brotherhood for the first time.
1963: The house splits from Alpha Chi Rho because the brothers did not see a point to paying national dues and receiving nothing in return. Alpha Chi Alpha founded.
1975: The first annual Beach Party is held during winter term.
1979: Third Floor added to house.
1988: The first annual Pigstick is held during spring term.
1994: MTV films a pilot for a new show called “The Naked Truth” about AXA’s pledge term.
1997: The mysterious Great Fire of ’97 strikes.
1999: The New York Times publishes an article on fraternity life at Alpha Chi Alpha. Read it here! AXA barely survives President Wright’s Student Life Initiative.
2004: The house undergoes college sponsored multimillion dollar renovation. The barn is torn down.
2013: The house celebrates its 50th anniversary. The College reappropriates half of the backyard for a new sorority house and parking lot, but builds the house a new volleyball court, grill, and deck.

The house motto is “Fidelis et Suavis”
The house symbol is the white horse.
The house colors are red and black, but it is also known for the colors of its physical plant which are dark green, red, and white.

Notable Alumni
Robert Hager ’60 – NBC Nightly News correspondent for 35 years
John Hoeven ’79 – Senior U.S. Senator from North Dakota, Former Governor of North Dakota
John Moragne ’79 – Founder of MapQuest
Jim Coulter ’82 – Co-founder of TPG Capital
Jake Tapper ’91 – Chief Washington D.C. correspondent and daily news anchor for CNN
Chris Miller ’97 – Director, writer, and producer of films including The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs